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July 30, 2014 by Ken Brunet

Vacations are a relaxing break from your everyday routine, which is why running is a great way to explore a new city while getting in exercise and/or keeping your training on track.  Whether you’re planning a relaxing, schedule-free getaway or following a jam-packed itinerary of places to see and things to do, here’s how to stay fit and have fun while you’re away.

  1. Pack your running shoes and climate-appropriate clothing

Bringing the appropriate gear is the first step to making sure you get in some running while you’re away.  Your running shoes, socks and clothing suited for the climate you’re headed to should be on your checklist of things to pack. Bring a water bottle, especially if you’re travelling to warmer climates.

Don’t complicate things by packing everything if your baggage space is limited. Wear your running shoes during your travels, bring only one or two pieces of workout wear.

  1. Plan when and where you want to run before you get to your destination

Schedule your runs in your itinerary or calendar before leaving to make sure you book in some running while you’re away, then map out your routes before getting to your destination.

Use apps like or to map out some routes in areas you want to explore and discover while you’re away. Check with some locals or the hotel staff to make sure your running routes are safe before you head out. Check in with local running speciality shops if you spot any and ask about suggested running routes.

If your vacation takes you to a tropical resort or is on a cruise, check if there’s a gym with a treadmill available. You could also check the weather in the mornings and the evenings and get in a run on the beach or around the resort.

  1. Adjust your expectations – done is better than perfect

Don’t overthink your running routine or stress out if you miss a day while you’re away. Travelling is full of unexpected events, from flight delays to getting jet lag. Getting out even a bit is better than not doing anything at all. Simple approaches like deciding not to miss more than 2 days in a row might help you make sure running, even for a shorter period of time than you planned, get done.

  1. Make running a family activity during your vacation

Getting your family involved by making running a discovery or exploration activity to discover new sights is a great way to spend time together on vacation.  Plan some easy routes for all of you to run together and maintain a leisurely pace doing so.

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