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We are a private school serving grades 4-12 whose mission is to provide an exceptional combined educational and sports experience essential for developing high-performance athletes.

Peak Centre Academy’s conception was an exciting endeavour of Peak Centre, Canada’s leading elite athlete development centre. We have worked with 20 National Sport Organizations, over 30 Olympic and Paralympic medalists and dozens of professional sports teams since 1992. Through our experience, we have recognized a growing need for developing athletes that extends beyond the average school experience. We are acutely aware that success at the highest levels requires a combination of intellectual, physical, technical and leadership qualities. The conception of Peak Centre Academy was born directly as a result of this need.

In addition to our excellent academic staff, the members of our athletic staff at Peak Centre Academy all hold degrees and are certified in their respective disciplines. Our staff includes experts in physiology, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, skills analysis, and nutrition, allowing your child to access the types of sport performance services that top NHL and national teams use to get the most out of their athletes. Our coaches are all certified through National Coaching Certification programs and experienced in coaching high-performance development programs.

For a better understanding of the Peak Centre Academy experience, we invite you to spend a day with us to watch our teachers and coaches in action. Come and see how we work to create our champions!

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