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To Assess or Not to Assess

To Assess or Not to Assess

How to prepare for your running races

Kevin Wilson speak’s with CBC’s Our Ottawa host Lucy van Oldenbarneveld about how to properly prepare mentally and physically for your running races in preparation for this weekend’s Ottawa Race Weekend!

Check […]

Sauna Use To Improve Athletic Performance??

Some Interesting Performance Benefits from Sauna Use:

Historically, saunas have a longstanding tradition of use. They are common to many Eastern European countries, as well as Asia. In some countries, such […]

Vacations are a relaxing break from your everyday routine, which is why running is a great way to explore a new city while getting in exercise and/or keeping your training […]

What’s the Ideal Diet Plan for Runners???

Paleo, raw food, vegan, no-carb, low-carb: What’s the ideal diet plan for runners?


From high carbs, low fat to low carb high protein to high fat and lower protein and carbs […]

The difference between exercising and training boils down to the goal you want to achieve, which means that running can be both a form of exercise and a way to […]

David Veilleux has been training with PEAK Centre since 2006 and will be taking part in this years’ Tour de France! Great to see all the hard work paying off.

“Canadian […]

Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Even small improvements in performance often take hours of training, hours which for the recreationally competitive athlete are often difficult to find when they have to juggle family life, work […]

Periodization is the process of breaking the year into training blocks or periods. Each period has a set of goals and a training focus so that the physical qualities needed […]


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