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VO2 max and Cyclists: Important or Irrelevant

VO2 max is one of the most commonly measured physiological variables. Endurance athletes spend countless hours discussing, comparing and worrying about their VO2 max scores. Cyclists are always quoting VO2 […]

Slushies Improve Performance

Heat is a major limiting factor in endurance performances.  It has been quite well established that as temperature increases so does marathon time. Over the past 5-10 years more and […]

Beta Alanine – A Cyclists Best Friend

Ed McNeely

 Cycling, particularly road racing, crits, and time trials are endurance sports where the training focus is long distance training. Despite the endurance requirements many races come down to a […]

Creatine and Rowing

Ed McNeely

It is often difficult for coaches and athletes to keep up on the latest training innovations and findings. The purpose of this column is to review and comment on […]

Tapering for the Big Event

Ed McNeely

During the final preparation for a major competition, the athlete needs to feel rested, quick, and strong. To accomplish this, a taper is often used. A taper is a […]

By Ed McNeely

Age may be a more important factor in strength gains than gender.  A recent study examined the effects of nine weeks of strength training on groups of young […]

Predictors of Rowing Performance

By Ed McNeely

The purpose of this column is to review and comment on research that is currently being done on rowing and training for endurance sports. I will try to […]

Squatting Improves Speed

Modern strength training programs for athletes spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on using unstable surfaces, single leg exercises and balance training to improve speed, strength and power.  There […]


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