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Periodization is the process of breaking the year into training blocks or periods. Each period has a set of goals and a training focus so that the physical qualities needed […]

Interval training

Interval training is a popular form of training amongst many athletes. While most rowers will use intervals at some point in the year few really understand the purpose of intervals […]

Breathing Stronger

The regular use of strength training has been slow to catch on with endurance athletes. While there is evidence that strength training decreases both acute and chronic injury in these […]

Warm Up

Warm up is now considered an essential part of a workout or pre competition routine. While originally thought to be primarily a means of preventing injury, it is now commonly […]

Training Volume for Endurance Sports

Training volume is the amount of work that is performed. Many coaches and athletes use the number of miles or kilometers covered as the measure of training volume. While this […]

Strength Goals for Mastes Rowers


Ed McNeely

This is the third part of the series of articles that started with How Strong is Strong Enough. You should refer back to that article for the background information […]

How Hard is Hard Enough?

Ed McNeely

2000 m races typically last 6-9 minutes depending on the boat, age, and level of the competitors. This has lead many researchers to examine the role of VO2 max […]

Jump Training for Rowers part II

Ed McNeely

Plyometrics are a very high intensity for of training that can quickly lead to overtraining and overuse injuries if the training program is not carefully planned. The proper manipulation […]

Jump training for rowers part I

Ed McNeely

Many rowers and coaches include jumpies and other plyometric activities into their program.  Jumping can be a great alternative to weight training for developing power as you approach the […]

Balance and Stability for Rowing

Ed McNeely

Balance and stability is the very foundation that athletes are built on.  There is an old saying that goes, “You can’t build a cathedral on the foundation of a […]


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