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Elite Athlete Training

When someone is training at the highest level of performance, every training minute counts. They must get everything they can out of every training session.

Who Trains With Peak Centre

Since 1992, the Peak Centre staff has been working with Canada’s top athletes at the professional, amateur and collegiate levels. Our highly qualified staff has worked with Olympic and Paralympic medal winners, National and Olympic teams, University programs, and professional teams.

Did You Know…

Peak has worked with over 30+ Olympic Gold Medalists. Peak Centre has helped Canadian Athletes bring home 40+ medals from the Olympic Games?

Why Train With Us

Like our athletes, we are results driven. Our scientific approach to  ensures that you are training the right things at the right times for you and not just following a generic training model.

Our training plans are proven to:

  • Accurately measure your current fitness level
  • Track exercise improvements
  • Validate your training regimen

Because our programs are based on actual data, we’re able to take the guess work out of how to train efficiently and effectively to ensure you reach your goals faster. We like winning as much as you do.

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