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“I feel that the internship program had been well planned and structured which has enabled me to enhance both my practical skills and academic knowledge… ”

Are you a dynamic individual looking for a challenging internship that will provide you with solid experience? The internship program at Peak Centre for Human Performance will help you become a more effective sport scientist by:

  • Increasing knowledge and practical application of exercise physiology
  • Gaining the ability to properly design, demonstrate and implement a proper strength and conditioning program
  • Gaining knowledge of physiological testing protocol, administration and analysis of VO2 Max assessments
  • Increasing knowledge of biomechanical software
  • Gaining the ability to interact with clients, increase communication skills and effective team functioning

Intern duties & responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Administrative duties include scheduling appointments, answering questions by phone, email, in person, etc.
  • Laboratory set up, assessment administration, analysis of results
  • Equipment calibration; set up for VO2 Max, lactate analysers
  • Laboratory and fitness centre cleaning
  • Carrying out conslutations with clients
  • Carrying out dry land training sessions with varying team ages
  • Designing training plans and/or exercise prescription
  • Promoting and seeing out operation of the Peak Centre Indoor Racing Series
  • Daily set up, maintenance and cleaning of training centre

 Hear from former Interns!


 I was able to comeplete my internship at the PEAK Centre for Human Performance in Ottawa from September 2013 to August 2014. My time in Canada was full of fantastic memories both at the PEAK Centre and during my travels. Working at PEAK  gave me the practical skills to supplement my University studies and it was a unique opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to real life situations and clients!! Whether we were running tests in the high performance laboratory, helping athletes in the training centre or explaining results to clients, we were always busy, something that I am sure will benefit us greatly in the future. Since completing my internship I have returned to the University of Bath in England to complete my studies in Sport and Exercise Science. My work at PEAK further developed my interest in working in Exercise Physiology, although I am yet to decide whether I will pursue a career focused on high performance or general health.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can return to Canada!
Rob Edinburgh
University of Bath

“When I first arrived at the Peak Centre in Ottawa the whole team (was) very welcoming and it was easy to settle in straight away. I feel that the internship program (has) been well planned and structured which enabled me to enhance both my practical skills and academic knowledge. Through conducting fitness assessments, leading consultations and instructing strength and conditioning classes, my confidence grew significantly throughout the year. I particularly enjoyed the interaction with my clients and following their progress. It was very rewarding to observe them achieve their desired goals. The year spent as part of the Peak Centre team was a very educational and enjoyable experience.”

Nichola Shaw
Greater Manchester, England
University of Bath


During my 3 month internship at the Peak Centre for Human Performance I was introduced to the profession of high performance training and exercise physiology. The Peak Centre’s team provided an in-depth knowledge base covering much more than what I had expected. I was immersed with numerous different exercise prescription and training techniques, in addition to applied laboratory testing. At the Peak Centre there is nothing left to question behind what they do. As they apply exercise science to each aspect of their product, the Peak Centre is able to provide their clientele with top of the line training information, no matter whether they are a first time exerciser or a professional athlete. The Peak Centre’s knowledgeable staff provides their clients with science-based reasoning as to why their training methods are proven to get you the results your hard work deserves. The Peak Centre is a great place to do an internship as they teach you how to apply exercise science to real life situations. Overall, the Peak Centre provided me with a career changing internship experience.

Chelsey Brundige
Regina, Saskatchewan
University of Regina

“Having graduated from the Human Kinetics program at the University of Ottawa, the Peak Centre Internship program was the perfect compliment to my education. I was able to implement the theories and strategies that were taught in the classroom to real world situations. The interaction with the clients proved to be a satisfying reward as well as a crucial part in the learning process. As well, the staff at Peak Centre was always there to encourage me to work independently while still being there when I asked for support. Working at Peak proved to be a very rewarding experience and I highly recommend it to other students interested in the fitness industry.”

Tracy MacGregor
Ottawa, Ontario
University of Ottawa

How to Apply

All Peak Centre applicants are expected to have an enthusiastic and outgoing personality while engaging with clients. They should feel at ease when interacting with clients at all levels, parents, and coaches while maintaining a professional appearance. In order to benefit from your internship experience it is important that all prospective interns have the drive, motivation and aspirations to learn and become a well educated sport scientist.

If you are interested in a Peak Centre internship, please fully complete the Peak Centre Intern Application and submit to Alex Stewart or fax to: 613 280-3844.




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