Mason McTavish: From Peak Centre Academy to top prospect at the NHL

Mason McTavish in hockey uniform

Mason McTavish, the 2021 NHL third overall pick to the Anaheim Ducks, is a recent alumnus of Peak Centre Academy where he spent eight years perfecting his craft both in academics and as an athlete. Described in headlines as the “playmaking forward”, “goal scorer” and “a weapon” on the ice, his hockey career has been on a roll thanks in large part to both his dedicated attitude as well as Peak’s scientific approach to athletic development.

Peak has a unique appreciation for the role that science and academics play in developing an elite-level athlete. By using science to eliminate the guesswork out of helping Mason to achieve his ambitious performance goals, Peak's physiological approach to training has enabled him to make an impact as a world-class hockey player early at a younger age than most other athletes. 

In addition to being a top NHL prospect, his recent accomplishments also include taking his talents overseas, scored nine goals in 13 games playing against Switzerland's second-tier pro league. As well, he shined against his peers at the U-18 World Championship, where he tallied 11 points in seven games to help lead Canada to the gold medal. “That was a super good experience for me and all my teammates,” Mason described. “It was super exciting. I remember counting down the last final seconds there. We got the empty net at the end and I was super pumped.”

We recently caught up with Mason to ask him about his experience at Peak and to get an update on his recent successes:


What went through your mind the moment you found out that you were a first-round pick for the Ducks?

It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget. It was super cool, with all my family being around me -- it made it even better. I was super excited and ready to go down there.

What makes you a strong hockey player?

Maybe my competitiveness and my hockey IQ. Knowing where to be and when to shoot or when to pass, and where to be in all situations. That’s probably my greatest asset.

How had Peak Centre Academy helped you to develop into the great athlete you are today?

It was a lot of skating there we’d do. A lot of technical training. In the gym we’d do a lot of strength and speed-based movements. I started doing it at a younger age than probably most other people. So, I think that was a good advantage for me.

What did you think of the physiology lab and sports science aspect of the program?

It was awesome seeing the results on certain tests they’d do in the gym and lab. It was pretty cool to get those results and then apply them to better my game.

It’s a really great school. It’s even better if you’re trying to dial down on your hockey game and your strength and progress.

What do you like most about Peak Centre Academy?

Going out on the ice and all the people, my peers and the staff there were great. Everyone is super nice and everyone wanted to see everybody succeed. It all made it a lot more enjoyable to be at school. 

I’m super fortunate my parents put me into Peak at a  young age. I took full advantage of it and never looked back. Always gave 100% of what I got every day.

What's next for you with regards to hockey? And what is your ultimate hockey career goal?

I want to win the Stanley Cup, but that’s obviously a little further down the road. I’m just worried about getting my first game under my belt right now.


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