Sport Specific Programs

Since 1992 Peak has worked with recreational to competitive athletes at every level to improve, prepare, and perform for their specific sport.

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All of Peak Centre’s training programs are specific to the individual athlete and his or her physiological needs to optimize performance. At Peak Centre, we avoid generic training regimens because they waste valuable time and fail to help athletes reach their maximum potential.

Through years of working with North America's best athletes, Peak Centre has developed a series of sport-specific testing and training models guaranteed to take your performance to the next level. No matter your sport, Peak Centre has a program for you.

Our Sport Specific Programs are excellent for:

  • All athletes needing to improve power, strength and speed
  • Endurance athletes needing to figure out proper training zones for optimal performance at race time
  • All athletes needing to improve coordination, balance and agility


Step 1

Based on the same model as our individualized training services, each of our programs starts off with a performance assessment specific to your performance improvement needs for your specific sport.

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Step 2

Using the results from your assessment our trained physiologists integrate your individual testing information into your sport-specific training regimen.

Step 3

After following your training program either with the help of Peak’s highly trained coaches or on your own for a prescribed period of time, we will re-evaluate your fitness levels. Based on your re-evaluation, program adjustments are made and training continues to successfully meet your goals.

Sport-Specific Programs

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