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1. Small Group Off-Ice Training

The Peak Centre off-ice training program is a great opportunity for players of all levels and ages to get a step ahead of the competition. Our small group training option is one of our best ways to get a more individually focused training session, while also creating a little competition amongst the members of the training group. With a highly certified training coach at the helm of the class, you can expect to get research and science-based exercise selection, form correction, progression and loading, in order to maximize your training returns and seemingly eliminate the potential for injury. 

We believe that our athletes should not only be strong, but they should also be healthy, which is why we put a large emphasis on making sure that all exercises are performed in the entire range of motion (ROM) of each joint responsible for movement. By exercising the body at the limits of range of motion, we are training the system to be stronger in unusual positions, meaning on-ice injuries and recovery time are severely reduced. 

Program Summary

  • (Optional) Strength/Weakness Assessment (Movement Screen)
  • Training plan to log weight, reps, sets, or any other notes to track progress;
  • Booked sessions with a Strength and Conditioning Coach to guide group through the workouts.

Did You Know?

Weight training technique takes time to learn. A good weight training technique program that starts before the window of trainability marked by Peak Height Velocity (growth spurt), will allow your child to get right into a program and take full advantage of an important developmental period. If they wait and start the program during the window of trainability, they will lose approximately six-month learning how to do the exercises.

2. Lab Testing for hockey

The Peak Centre is proud to be able to provide much more to our clients than the average training centre. Our Sport Science laboratory is a great opportunity for hockey players to get the gold-standard in training, while also learning a little bit about their own bodies in the process. 

We offer a wide array of assessments to help build the ultimate aerobic and strength training regime. These assessments can be done independently, or combined to understand everything there is to know about your own body’s physiology in response to exercise (how the body adapts to physical activity over time), so we can help you get to where you want to be with regards to overall performance. 
With our specific assessments, we can determine many individual facets of a client’s physiology, such as: 

  • Optimal Training Zones for aerobic conditioning (speeds, heart rate zones, paces, watts, etc.);
  • Carbohydrate usage during exercise (i.e. how much of a sports drink to drink during a game);
  • Movement screening to determine strength/weaknesses and imbalances between the right and left side of the body;
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (how many calories you burn at total rest – allows the athlete to know a target range of calories to consume daily);
  • Body Composition (body fat percentage, BMI, etc.);
  • Genetic Testing related to nutrition, fitness, and muscle composition.
  • Wingate Test (very important for hockey players - maximum power generation and drop off over 30 seconds); 
  • 1-Rep Max Assessment (to track strength progression through your training);
  • Force Platform Testing (power generation, weight distribution R/L side of the body, etc.);
  • Repeat Length Skate Test (RLS) – Assessment developed for NHL teams to determine on-ice power, fatigue index, and ability to recover between shifts;
  • And others by special request…

Did You Know

There are many equations that exist to estimate things such as VO2 Max, Body Composition, Optimal Aerobic Training Intensities, etc. However, estimations are never extremely accurate, meaning that the values you obtain from equations will never be perfect. We at the Peak Centre offer affordable University-level testing protocols that are specifically designed to give anyone the most accurate values pertaining to your own body’s physiology, without the guesswork.


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3. Individualized Training Programs for Hockey 

Our individualized training programs are like no other training service that we offer. With the ability to utilize our entire gym facility at your own leisure within our operating hours, or even take your training program to your local/at-home gym to train, the possibilities are endless! 

This option allows the athlete to receive an individually prescribed training program, focused on the athlete’s specific goals, objectives, timelines, and capabilities. The amalgamation of the athlete’s personal information along with our research and science-based approach to training, as well as expertise and experience in the field of strength and conditioning produces a never-before-seen training program that can and will help you get to the next level. 

Program Summary

  • (Optional) Initial Strength/Weakness Assessment (Movement Screen)
  • Maximal Aerobic Assessment (VO2 Max Testing);
  • Program Walk-Through with Strength and Conditioning Coach;
  • Training plan to log weight, reps, sets, or any other notes to track progress;

4. Associations/Teams Training Sessions 

At Peak, not only do we work with individuals, we specialize in full-team training programs for all sports that will maximize each individuals’ performance for overall winning team results. We have left quite a large footprint in the hockey world by working with a large variety of teams and associations, while always providing an all-or-nothing approach to on and off-ice development at all levels. 

The team of professionals that we built over the years allows us to go above and beyond with regards to the services that we can offer in our hockey programs. These services include:

  • Fitness Testing;
  • Physiological Monitoring;
  • Training Plan Design;
  • Nutritional Analysis and Diet Design;
  • Biomechanical Analysis and Optimization;
  • Sport Psychology;
  • And many more...

Our off-ice development program consists of a comprehensive weekly training regimen to help promote team cohesion, chemistry, and a competitive environment while maximizing entire team strength development and success.

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