Peak Centre Academy classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art learning tools such as SmartBoards, while students train in sporting facilities that are among the best in Canada.

Academic Facilities

We have a brand new and beautiful location for our academic classrooms! The space is large, bright, modern, and very conducive for our small-sized classrooms.

Our teachers develop strong relationships with our students and quickly get to understand their strengths and needs in the classroom. At Peak Centre Academy, we are fortunate to have a very low student-to-teacher ratio. This is a priority at Peak because research shows that high-quality academic instruction combined with positive teacher-student relationships, draws students into the process of learning and promotes their desire to learn and attain higher levels of achievement.

Peak Centre Academy's teaching staff uses Google Classroom as an organizational method for their students. At the senior level, Peak has a partnership with Virtual High School, whereby we have access to a number of high school courses and resources.

Athletic Facilities

While the Peak Centre Academy is housed in a beautiful location in Kanata North's business park, we have access to some great on-ice and off-ice facilities. These include:

  • The ice pads at the Goulbourn Recreation Centre & Kanata Recreation Centre (students are bussed to their hockey sessions and then back to Peak).
  • State-of-the-art sports conditioning facilities including strength training equipment, cardio training equipment, altitude stations and stretching areas
  • Peak Centre for Human Performance Lab – Canada’s private leader in sport science testing & training
  • Large outdoor soccer field
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Large open green space
  • Access to The Marshes Golf Course (our neighbour!)

Having daily access to these state-of-the-art athletic facilities makes it easy to ensure our students receive the highest calibre training. These facilities equip Peak with the ability to train not only our hockey players, but other aspiring athletes.

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