Strength & Conditioning

At Peak Centre Academy each athlete receives Individualized Strength and Conditioning Programs which provides the essentials to prepare for their upcoming sports season.

At the beginning of every year, each student undergoes a series of physiological assessments offered only at Peak Centre. These assessments vary depending on the development stages of the athlete and the sport of the athlete. Although some basic assessments can sometimes be used; we believe prescriptive assessments are the most valuable for developing athletes. Most other programs will limit their sport testing to protocols that simply describe the athlete’s current situation; whereas, our testing protocols involve testing developed to eliminate the guesswork with any training.

Assessments are repeated throughout the year to help ensure progress and to allow us to adjust the program to changing fitness levels. Some assessments will be planned more than others depending on the specific protocols and what information they provide.

Following the assessment, each athlete receives an individualized strength and conditioning program which provides an athlete with everything they need for their sport. The age and ability specific programs will increase strength and power, decrease body fat, improve flexibility and balance, increase endurance and maximize recovery. New programs are issued every month to ensure maximum progress.

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