Ontario Student Record

Ontario Student Record

A student’s OSR continues to reside at their home school. If a student takes a Reach Ahead or Make-up course with Peak Centre Academy, Peak Academy will send official copies of the final report card back to the home school where the credit will be added to the student’s transcript.

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is a physical file folder containing the official school records for a student. An OSR must exist for every student registered in an Ontario School. The contents of the OSR are protected by the Education Act and Freedom of Information legislation for the Province of Ontario.

A student who has not previously attended a public, a Catholic, an inspected Ontario private school or an Ontario International School will not have an OSR and an OSR will have to be established. Peak Academy will be responsible for establishing the OSR and issuing an Ontario Education Number (OEN) to the student.

OSR Transfer

If the student transfers to another Ontario school prior to earning their diploma with Peak Centre Academy, the OSR must follow them. Peak Centre Academy will be required to send the OSR and all its associated documents to the new school.

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