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Our professional accredited teachers focus on student achievement through joint problem-solving, the use of data, and implementation of carefully chosen instructional strategies. Students learn through a variety of methods such as inquiry based learning and critical thinking activities.

All academic staff members participate in weekly school-based instructional team meetings for effective problem-solving, and to discuss and identify individual student needs. Multiple assessment strategies that include a variety of tools and methods including observation, conversation, student led learning, PM benchmarks, rubrics, tests, exemplars, and self/peer evaluation are used to closely monitor student progress and keep parents informed.

Debriefing after assignments is an important part of the evaluation process to help complete the learning circle and identify areas of progress and needs for improvement through student metacognition. Elements of cooperative learning include think-pair-share activities, especially when introducing a new concept; peer-partnering seating arrangements; and heterogeneous and homogeneous groupings. Teachers accommodate and modify the Ontario Ministry’s Curriculum program based on each student’s individual needs and capabilities when appropriate. We differentiate instruction to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged and supported. These strategies work together to prompt students to take ownership of their learning.

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