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importance of secondary education

The Importance of Completing Secondary Education

Peak Centre Academy believes in the importance and value of completing secondary education. Our school philosophy includes a commitment to reach every student in order to help them achieve a successful outcome and school experience. Obtaining a high school diploma is essential and as such, in Ontario, students are required to remain in secondary school until the student has reached the age of eighteen or has obtained an Ontario School Diploma.   

The Requirements to Remain in Secondary School

It is important to note that as of December 20, 2006, all students under 18 years of age are required to attend school unless they have already graduated or are otherwise excused.

Every student in Ontario is required to remain in secondary school until they reach the age of eighteen or obtain an Ontario Secondary School  Diploma (OSSD).

Peak Centre Academy is not a traditional high school and we believe we offer a high-quality education that embraces the changing face of education and provides students with opportunities to meet their goals, while actively living and training for an active and healthy lifestyle.

School Organization

Peak Centre Academy (Grades 9-12) credit courses are based on The Ontario Ministry of Education course curriculum. We are inspected by the Ministry of Education at various points to ensure that the credits being awarded meet the expected standards.

At Peak Centre Academy, the year is divided into two separate semesters: Semester One (September through January) and Semester Two (February through June). There are four reporting periods with a midterm report halfway through each semester, and a final report at the end of each semester. The school day is from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, with an option for study hall from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM, for students who wish to receive extra help, from Monday through Friday. 

student expectations

Peak Centre Academy values the unique academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of students participating in elite sports. We strive to equip our students with the best life qualities that sport produces. In order to get the best out of our program, we have high expectations for our students.


Students are expected to work their hardest and push themselves to achieve with the best of their abilities, both academically and athletically.

Student success does not come without hard work and as such, students are expected to do their best on each assignment. As our students have learned in their athletic ventures, without hard work, one cannot achieve what they are capable of. Below are the guidelines for students to reach their goals in their academic pursuits:

  • Homework and Assignments 
    • Daily homework assignments are an important and integral part of a Peak Centre Academy education. 
      • Students are expected to organize their time inside the classroom effectively.
      • For help, they should speak with their teachers to organize a schedule or extra study time, where they can receive one on one assistance. 
    • Teachers are responsible for assigning homework in a fair and rational manner. 
      • Because students work at different speeds, with varying levels of efficiency, it is not possible to accommodate the exact needs of all students, but it is essential that the majority spend an appropriate amount of time on their assignments and reach out for help where necessary. 
    • Assignments are to be submitted directly to the teacher, by hand, or by email, where appropriate. 
      • Students should not allow themselves to fall behind in their assignments.
      • If they miss a deadline in submitting a long-term assignment, they will be assigned to Supervised Study.
    • If students seem to be spending too much time on homework, they may be experiencing academic difficulty or are being overly conscientious, doing more than the teacher intended. 
      • Students need to communicate their concerns to their teacher, and he/she will counsel the students accordingly.
  • Tests
    • Teachers will provide adequate notice of the dates of major tests, yet may administer short quizzes with minimal or no warning. 
    • Students are not required to write three major tests on the same day.
      • Students can politely ask the teacher who assigned the third test if he/she would consider rescheduling.
      • The teacher has the option to reschedule the entire test or to find a time that is mutually agreeable for the student to re-write.
  • Examination Revision
    • To allow students to study for the January and the June examinations, products assigned during the week prior to exams do not count for marks and mainly consist of revision exercises, unless noted by the teacher.
    • This is a good time for students to ask teachers about details pertaining to their evaluations: time, format, and types of questions, as well as clarifying any possible misconceptions about the material that has been covered during the year.

Academic honesty

Peak  Centre  Academy prohibits academic dishonesty. Academic  dishonesty includes plagiarism and means, with respect to tests and  other evaluations, written and oral assignments:

  • bringing inappropriate or unapproved materials into an evaluation room;
  • communicating between examination periods with another student who is writing the same evaluation at a different time the same day;
  • copying another student’s work or allowing one’s work to be copied;
  • submitting for evaluation another person’s work or idea and using it as one’s own;
  • copying and pasting from the Internet.

The following procedures apply when a teacher discovers evidence of academic dishonesty:

  • If a teacher receives an assignment or evaluation with evidence of academic dishonesty, the student will be confronted and asked for an explanation.
    • If  plagiarism  is confirmed, the assignment’s mark may be significantly reduced 
  • If a student commits a second act of academic dishonesty, a mark of zero, or another penalty, may be assigned and the student, parents and principal will discuss the matter in person, including how further acts will be treated.


Regular attendance and participation are essential to school success. Students who do not attend school regularly will risk experiencing a negative learning experience. Peak Centre Academy will maintain attendance records for day students to ensure that they attend regularly. Attendance is also recorded four times a year on each report card. 

Students must be punctual and attend all classes, regular school activities, and special events as announced. Parents are asked to call (613-737-7325), or email the Senior Lead teacher, Amanda Cummings ( in advance of an absence, as well as to indicate the reason.

For a medical absence of four days or longer, a note from a doctor is required. Parents have an important obligation to fully support the school’s regulations and are asked not to give permission for absences to enable a student to complete school assignments or catch up on late work.

Students who have day-time appointments are required to present a note or e-mail, in advance, to a teacher or administrator explaining the reason for their leaving. Parents or guardians can phone or email as well. Whenever possible, parents are asked to schedule appointments during holidays or the students’ study periods. 

Students in Grades 9 and 10 may not leave the school grounds during the school day, unless for a scheduled appointment. Students who have an unassigned spare period(s) in the morning may arrive at school later than 8:30 A.M. but are required to be on time for their first class. Students in Grades 11 and 12 may sign out for spare periods.

Below are more specific guidelines for different events:

  • Illness 
    • During the School Day
      • Students who miss classes because of illness or for other reasons are not permitted to participate in school activities, the on-ice, or fitness classes during that day.
    • Missed Tests 
      • To help students organize their time, teachers provide adequate notice prior to a major test day.
      • Should a student miss a  test,  you will be expected to write it immediately upon his/her return to school, or at the teacher’s discretion. 
      • Evaluations are important tools for teachers and students and must take priority for student attendance. Without proper justification of missed evaluations, a mark of zero may be assigned.
  • Sporting Events/Field Trips

    • When a conflict arises, students must alert the teacher immediately.

    • A make-up test is scheduled at the teacher’s convenience. In the rare instance of a schedule change, students must see the teacher prior to leaving the school.

  • Medical Appointments
    • All efforts should be made to schedule appointments around test dates; however, if this is not possible a medical note may be required.
    • The teacher must be notified in advance and arrangements for a make-up test should be made with the teacher. 
  • January/June Examinations 
    • For any special requests regarding the examinations, please contact the Head of Senior School. 

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