Junior Division


During their time at Peak, children are introduced to aspects of leadership and responsibility through both academics and athletics as they move from the younger to older grades. Developing strong foundations and a love for learning and athletics is an important part of what we do in the Junior division. Peak Academy encourages innovation and inquiry that is student-directed while providing students with support to achieve their best.

At Peak, we have the flexibility to offer programming that motivates our students’ interests allowing for more meaningful connections and deeper learning. Daily athletic endeavours that follow the Long Term Athletic Development model, small class size, blended learning, promotion of healthy living and active citizenship are just a few ways that the Peak Centre Academy experience differs from other educational options. These provide opportunities for students to engage in all aspects of their schooling and enhance their self-confidence.

The curriculum expectations for Grades 4 to 6 focus on students’ ability to use their knowledge and skills to understand, critically analyze, and communicate a broad range of information and ideas from and about their multicultural, multimedia environment. In the Junior grades, students are immersed in an engaging and challenging environment with many activities to support students academic and athletic development. The Athletics program in the Junior Division focuses on developing skills and a passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle while also paving the way for participation in competitive athletics.

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