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Your fitness assessment is the fundamental starting block upon which your success depends.

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Physical assessment


A fitness assessment is a method of measuring your body’s specific response to exercise, it is a snapshot of your current fitness level.

Many types of assessments exist, however, not all of them provide the individual information necessary for proper exercise training. Predictive equations, estimation charts and perceived exertion levels provide no direct information regarding your current individual fitness level and also fail to track fitness improvements over time. Each analysis is specific only to you and how your body responds to exercise.

What does it involve?

Our physiology lab at Peak allows us to conduct hundreds of different assessment types in order to accurately measure your body’s specific response to exercise.  We are able to customize the assessment depending upon the purpose.

Just a few examples of customized assessments

Elite Athlete Training

Are you an elite athlete looking for the edge on your competition? Our cutting-edge sport science lab can assist you with your needs.

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High Power Sports Training

Information that will help you recover quicker between bursts of efforts for high power sports such as hockey, football,  tennis,  soccer, etc.

Weight Loss

Need a proven plan for slimming down?  We have an assessment that will help you burn fat more efficiently to help you achieve your goal(s) quicker.

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Occupational Fitness

Does your job require that you meet a specific fitness standard?  We have an assessment that will determine what you need to do to meet the bar.

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Weekend warriors

Need to maximize your training time? Our assessments will help you eliminate any guesswork and make each minute of training count.

Budding young athletes

We have specifically tailored assessments for every sport, designed to help young athletes develop including movement screens and LTAD testing.

Recreational athletes

Have you hit a plateau and wondering why your fitness or sporting performance is not improving? No matter your sport or activity, our lab assessments will help you determine what adjustments are required to get you over the hump.

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Are Fitness Assessments required?

Yes. Every Peak training program starts with a fitness assessment.  We have an extremely friendly and encouraging staff, highly trained with lots of experience to guide you through the assessment.


Here are a few examples of information you’ll get out of your physical assessment: 

  • Assessment of your current state of general fitness.
  • How to burn the most body fat during the effort, using your own optimal fat burning zone.
  • How to train in your own optimal endurance zone, allowing you to crank up your endurance for efforts lasting more than 2 hours
  • Intensity that allows you to training at your maximum potential for extended efforts of 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Intensity that allows you to develop physiological aptitude with the objective to participate in competition at a high-level.

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