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“Having trained with Peak Centre for 10 years, I really learned how to train like a professional. Their knowledgeable staff and scientific approach to training helped me take my game to the next level.”

Grant Clitsome, NHL Defenceman
Winnipeg Jets

“Peak has given me the confidence that I am training as efficiently as possible. With Peak taking care of my off-court training, I can focus on improving on-court. Having the support of a team of people who know athletes and want to help is essential to my success.”

Sergiy Shatenko, Badminton player
Ranked #2 in Canada in Men’s Singles

“I love Coach B and Peak Center. As I neared 50 last year, I was getting desperate. Over the previous 7 years, I had gained almost 40 pounds through a series of factors – 3 sprained ankles, an emotional family situation, and (I thought) getting older. I was a regular exerciser, but couldn’t get the weight off. Coach B put me on a program to get my body burning calories again. I started losing weight immediately!

It had become difficult for me to do outdoor activities with my husband. He would be taking a nap at the top of a mountain waiting for me, while I struggled to get my breath. Within 2 months of being on the program, I could keep up with him! My balance was better, and breathing on an uphill slope was no problem. I have even been skiing, an activity which I never really enjoyed because I wasn’t good at it. But now I’ve been on several ski trips, which require me to ski with a pack to carry my gear.

I lost 40 pounds while on the program and went from a size 14 to a size 8. I look and feel great! Actually, I’m in better shape than I have ever been –at age 50! I would recommend this program to anyone. Thanks, Coach B!“

Mary Beth Bragiel

“I only discovered Peak Centre during the last few years of my competitive trampoline career, but they played a vital role in the realization of my Olympic dreams. Kevin took the time to study and analyze my sport and my specific needs to develop a personalized program that helped me to get even more out of my body. I was able to train harder and more efficiently on the trampoline, achieving greater heights, more difficulty and more consistent performances including a Bronze Medal at the World Trampoline Championships, numerous World Cup Silver and Bronze medals, and ultimately a 6th place finish at the 2004 Olympic Games. Thanks, Peak Centre!”

Heather Ross-McManus, Olympic Athlete
National Trampoline Team

“During my years as High-Performance Director for Canadian Cycling, I worked closely with the Peak Centre to develop a unique and standard testing protocol for cyclists and since the early nineties, all the Canadian cyclists have been tested on the same protocol widely known by now. Because of the scientific environment at the Peak Centre, we were able to provide the cycling community with the proper and reliable tool to assess the potential and the progress of the cyclists of all levels.”

Pierre Hutsebaut, Former High-performance Director
Canadian Cycling Association

“Just over three years ago my wife joined the Peak Center, over the next few months I watched as her running times impressively diminished. Encouraged by her success I too joined, and under the watchful eye of Kevin Wilson we both have made dramatic improvements in our triathlon times. The scientific approach is not only fascinating but also very effective. The personal touch at Peak is just as important, lots of feedback, lots of encouragement and the occasional gentle kick in the butt. As a previous chronic “overtrainer” I have been amazed at how i can achieve “more with less”. I have recommended Peak to several friends who were then able to reach their previously unreachable goals, be it qualifying for the Boston Marathon, improving triathlon times, or just becoming more fit. If you are willing to put in the effort but need some guidance then I highly recommend Kevin Wilson and The Peak Center.”

Jon Hooper, ICU Physician, Triathlete

Sindy Hooper, Triathlete

“I am a woman in my mid-50s who has been training with Kevin at PEAK for the past four years. In this time I have lost 15 pounds and 2 dress sizes, while gaining several pounds of muscle. My colleagues at work even comment on my muscles! Kevin makes the training sessions fun by constantly varying the exercises. In the past year, he has even motivated me to start running, and I used to hate running. All-in-all, I feel younger now than when I started in 2008.”

Lindsay Campbell
General health and fitness

“As the author and developer of the Aerobics 7x training model, I have long considered the Peak Centre as the leading site in applying my research into practical programs. Their commitment to evidence-based practice by using lab results to correctly identify training zones for their clients lies at the heart of their success. The long list of accomplishments of their clients' successes is a testament to the effectiveness of their programs. I continue to look to them as my partners in cutting-edge exercise physiology.

A. Reed. Ph.D.
Professor- University of Ottawa (Ret’d)
Exercise Physiologist

“Very pleased to have benefited from the expertise at Peak Centre. We partnered with them to deliver fitness zone testing to our clients, allowing our personal trainers and group fitness instructors a great tool to assist in designing custom-made programs for these clients. Also, Peak Centre delivered a short training program to our fitness staff. The seminar went above and beyond expectations – the presentation was very professional and the content was more than promised. The participants walked away with new knowledge and a everyone gave it high marks indeed.”

Brian Robitaille
Program Coordinator
St-Laurent Recreation Complex

“I have been going to Peak every off-season for the past five years. I have seen a steady improvement in my conditioning and play during this time and that is a direct correlation to what they do here at Peak. I would not be playing pro hockey without their help.”

Scott Greenham
Hershey Bears, AHL  

“We have used the services of Peak Centre for physical testing. The tests exposed our players' physical strengths and weaknesses which allowed Ken and his team to prescribe the appropriate individual training programs. We have already noticed the improvement in our players' conditioning and are looking forward to the improved on-ice performance.”

Réal Paiement
Head Coach of Ottawa Gee Gees Men’s Hockey Team

“The Peak Centre is for everyone. It is custom training based on personal goals. Peak managed to take my triathlon game from amateur to pro in 5 short years. Ken continued to coach me as a pro for 7 years while I traveled and lived all over North America. He was always one quick email or phone call away. Ken built my triathlons hours to optimize my strengths and work on my weaknesses. And the best part is that Peak has trained me now for 14 years and I’ve never had an injury due to training. Lactate testing was a breeze, as there was nearly always a Peak in the area I was living. Real, tangible results came from the Peak Center.”

Jennifer Gilbert
Pro Triathlete

“I have been trained by the Peak Centre for 12 years, they have been by my side through thick and thin. From my ACL surgery rehabilitation to being 2 time Pan American Champion. The Peak Centre has become my temple in regards to my physical training. Through professionalism and extreme knowledge on virtually every issue I owe much of my success to their program. I have recommended them to other professional athletes inside and outside of my sport as well as to weekend warriors or your average Joe. I believe that they can help anyone achieve their physical goal as long as the person has the will to do it. I do not preach this through pure faith but from years of results and backed by science. If you have a goal and you are serious about reaching it…..You should be talking to someone at Peak.”

Stephan Wojcikiewicz
International Badminton Player

“In all my years of competing internationally in badminton, I have had the chance to work closely with coaches from Europe, Asia and North America.  In the physical training department, none of them have come close to optimizing my physical development like the staff of Peak have managed to do.  They are the gurus of what they do, and I would recommend them for anyone serious about reaching elite levels of performance.”

Andrew Dabeka
6-Time Canadian Men’s Singles Champion
World #20
2008 Olympian

“Peak Hockey is a program that challenges athletes of all ages and levels to reach their full potential.  Pat Malloy and his talented staff provide players with the tools required to further their development while all along making it an enjoyable experience.  The Peak staff provides exceptional on and off-ice training allowing athletes to take their game to the next level and ultimately reach objectives.”

Andrew Allen 
Developmental Goaltending Coach, Chicago Blackhawks

“Working with the Staff at Peak Centre has helped me develop and grow as an athlete. They are experienced and trained me the right way allowing me to be in the best shape possible. PeakCenter’s facility is second to none and the attention given to me as an athlete is top-notch.”

“My work with Pat Malloy on the ice was awesome. I noticed a huge difference in my edge work out of turns and leg power allowing me to get to areas on the ice with quickness and confidence. Pat’s constant change in stimulus and dynamic approach to teaching me puck skills and skating is the best in the business!”

Ryan Spooner – Boston Bruins

“Working with Pat Malloy at Peak Centre has been extremely helpful to me as a skater. I feel faster, smoother and more explosive on the ice. Truly a great learning experience with a great coach who knows what he is talking about. Thanks for all the help and see you next summer.!”

Tyler Toffoli – Los Angeles Kings

"I recently had a threshold VO2 Max treadmill test done at PEAK Centre for Human Performance. I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff.  As a physician, I have always stressed the importance of the physical activity to my patients and have been a runner myself for more than 40 years.

Prior to the VO2 testing, I have always headed out for a run and ran at whatever speed felt good on that day. After the post-VO2 Max test consultation with the PEAK Kinesiologist, I now understand that there is a much better approach to training. The different aerobic and anaerobic zones and their importance in training for various types of athletic activities were explained to me. I was also given a personalized VO2 Max test report detailing my own zones and optimal training speeds to maximize my gains from training without putting undue stress on my body.

I found the whole experience at PEAK to be very positive and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their fitness or to optimize their training for a specific sport. The whole process was very interesting and informative.  I am now excited about using all this new information to optimize my training leading up to this year's Ottawa Race Weekend in May."

Dr. Pat Stewart – ER Physician, Ottawa

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