Franchise Opportunities

The Peak Centre for Human Performance is dedicated to providing innovative fitness testing and training services and helping our clients achieve new levels of fitness and performance. Our continued commitment to cutting edge quality programming, customer service, value and community leadership has contributed to Peak Centre becoming a recognized leader in sport science and fitness services.

These basic principals are best executed by hands-on owner/operators who are dedicated full time to the growth and management of their Peak Centre. Peak Centre owners are supported in all aspects of their business by the staff of the head office in Ottawa, Ontario.

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The investment in a Peak Centre franchise ranges from $85,000 to $325,000 depending on the size of the centre, location, rent and cost of leasehold improvements. In addition to the start-up costs, franchisees must have $100,000 in unencumbered cash and liquid assets to cover operating costs for the first six months of operation.

On-going costs include a royalty of 8% of gross sales paid monthly for the term of the agreement. At the end of each five year period of the agreement and at the sole discretion of the Peak Centre head office, franchises may be required to refurbish their facility in order to meet current Peak Centre standards.



  • When you purchase a Peak Centre franchise you get:
  • A four-week training program in the Ottawa, ON Training Centre,
  • A centre opening crew to assist in the opening of your Peak Centre
  • The use of all Peak Centre Manuals and intellectual property
  • The right to use the Trademarks and Trade names
  • Ongoing support from the head office personnel

The selection of new Peak Centre owners involves an extensive interview/approval process. Not everyone who applies for a franchise meets the criteria to be a Peak Centre franchisee. We strive to ensure that each owner possesses the necessary entrepreneurial drive, management skills, financial means and dedication needed to succeed in today’s competitive market.

We are proud of our dedicated franchisees, who exemplify and execute the Peak Centre principles and standards of operation on a daily basis. We carefully select hands-on owner/operators, who will devote their efforts on a full-time, long-term basis to operating their Centre.

We do not grant area/regional development rights. We grant additional centres to only those franchisees whose performance demonstrates success in managing and operating their existing centre.

This business is a most demanding one. It requires and responds to personal attention. It is most important that you personally be involved with all facets of the business, and that you reside within a 30 mile radius of the Peak Centre. You must be able to operate your Centre in accordance with Peak Centre standards of service, quality and cleanliness. You must set the example for your employees to follow. These demands require not only a firm personal commitment to the business, but at least initially, many, many long hours. The new franchisee should provide a substantial amount of personal manual labor, especially during the first year of operation. You should be prepared and have the ability, if necessary, to do any and all tasks for your Centre, including testing, if needed. In addition to testing skills, you must also understand and be able to perform all of the sales and maintenance functions required to ensure successful Peak Centre operations.

These demands on you personally can be minimized by your ability to attract, motivate and retain capable testing and sales personnel. We provide you with the basic procedures and guidelines to use in recruiting, training, retaining and motivating your personnel. Instruction in their use is given to you during the initial training program and by your District Manager once you are in your Centre. However, we do not operate your business for you. We will train you and advise you, but the responsibility for developing a sound personnel program and employee relations is yours.

Contact us to receive a preliminary questionnaire by mail only (fax and e-mail copies are not available).

Training Program

New franchisees undergo an intensive training program at the Peak Centre head office, located in Ottawa Ontario. The training weeks include classroom and hands-on work, providing the trainee experience in all aspects of running a Peak Centre business. A strong emphasis is placed on the testing and training systems that are the backbone of the Peak Centre business, with significant time dedicated to staff development, client recruitment and business processes.


Support Team

The principal owners of the Peak Centre take an active role in the development and success of their franchises, providing business support across the country. In addition staff dedicated to education, equipment selection, and staff hiring are available at all times.