Training with Peak Centre provides you with a sense of preparedness in that you can almost know the results of your race before you even compete.

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PEAK Running Program

Running, and combination sports like triathlon and duathlon require that key elements of time, distance and intensity be specifically trained, at particular times during the year. Not knowing how to properly structure these three elements may result in inefficient training, and wasted training time.

We know that running fitness must be progressively trained and that a specific, trainable science to running exists whether you are a beginner or seasoned runner.

The Running Program Includes

  • Accurate blood lactate testing ongoing throughout the year
  • Program design (5 km, 10 km, ½ marathon, marathon distances)
  • Periodized program progression
  • Program monitoring with a knowledgeable exercise physiologist
  • Running specific educational information
  • Recovery data acquisition
  • Peaking and tapering programs


  • Individual monthly training plan design
  • Individual strength training schedule and program run through
  • Designated senior physiologist
  • Aerobic fitness testing- every 10-12 weeks or as required
  • Speed, pace, and heart rate training zone development- initial and continual
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support (senior physiologist)
  • Facility access (Kanata location), including freeweight and treadmill area
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Individual race peaking and tapering development

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