Personalized Training

By knowing how your body will react to different exercises, we can custom build a training regimen that will get you the results you are looking for. No guesswork. Just results.

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How we differ

Peak Centre is not a gym or a health club. We don’t offer generic fitness programs or typical personal trainers.  Instead, we have a highly trained team of physiologists who have spent many years integrating science with applied training design. Our philosophy and programs are based on a strong scientific foundation that is built to provide you with optimal training programs that meet your goals.

The lessons that we have learned from working with the top athletes are equally applicable to recreational athletes and individuals trying to maintain healthy lifestyles. We all have to balance family, work, and school and still find time for fitness.

Unlike the average gym or health club, we will provide you with a program specific to your schedule, budget, and training goals.

Our personalized training programs are excellent for:

  • Recreational athletes looking to improve performance for a specific sport
  • Beginner athletes just starting to compete or play a sports
  • Individuals looking to improve overall fitness
  • Individuals with weight-loss goals (see more about our Weight Loss & Management services)

How it works

Training needs are specific to each individual.

Step 1

Each of our programs starts off with a fitness assessment This provides you with a benchmark from which to mark your progress.

Step 2

Using the results from your assessment and information from your completed Coaches Form, we develop a custom training plan designed specifically to meet your training, fitness and/or weight-loss goals.

Step 3

After following your training program either with the help of Peak’s highly trained coaches or on your own for a prescribed period of time, we will re-evaluate your fitness levels.  Based on your re-evaluation, program adjustments are made and training continues to successfully meet your goals.

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