Intern Training Program

PEAK Centre Internship Program

Are you a beginner or experienced runner looking to improve your National Capital 5 km, 10 km, Half Marathon, or Marathon? Are you a triathlete looking for a more precise way to train? Do you play in a team or individual sport and want more information about how to improve your performance? If so, PEAK Centre is looking for you; we are seeking 25 motivated individuals to participate in our 4-month Internship Program.

What is the Cost?

This is a great opportunity to learn how to train more effectively whilst gaining knowledge about the science behind your sport. Furthermore, the 25 individuals selected for the program will also receive the following FREE OF CHARGE!!

  • Athlete specific training programs (every month)
  • Strength program progression- 2 day per week
  • Running/Triathlon program progression- 3-6 day per week
  • Flexibility program progression
  • Coach led Wednesday night running speed session at Louis Riel Dome- only need to pay for entry fee to dome each session
  • PEAK Centre Kanata Facility Access
  • Training Nutritional guidelines
  • Race day or match day preparation strategy
  • Access to both interns throughout the 4 month program– to address questions/concerns about training and nutrition

The only cost associated with the Intern Program is the initial and midway testing. Every participant in the program completes 2 rounds of physiological testing; initial baseline testing at the start of the program, and midway testing after 8 weeks of training (for triathletes this would require testing for both bike and run testing). The testing is essential as it precisely details each client’s individual level of fitness, provides precise training zone information for each training session and is also utilized to track improvements over the duration of the program.

Participating in another sport? NO PROBLEM! l Complete whichever test is most specific to your sport (cost is the same) and leave the training to us!

Even though testing is mandatory, we are extremely confident that you will consider your money well spent after the program is finished!!

So…If you are looking for a more structured program and want to train properly for an unbeatable price contact the PEAK Centre today and ask to register for our Internship Program!


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