Weight Loss Physiology ASSESSMENT 

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Physiology Assessment

Proper health and fitness testing is crucial in developing a successful weight loss plan specific to your body. With the data we collect during your assessment, we are able to design a program that will ensure you’re focusing on the activities and nutritional aspects of your life that will have a maximum impact on reaching your target weight goals.

Do I need to take the assessment? 

Yes. Every Peak program starts with an assessment. We have an extremely friendly and encouraging staff, highly trained with lots of experience to guide you through the assessment.

Example Assessments

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)

Resting Metabolic Assessment is a comprehensive test that precisely measures your basic individual caloric requirements each day during rest, as well as how your body processes fats and carbohydrates. This information is then utilized to establish your baseline calorie allotment per day.

Optimal Fat Analysis Screening

Optimal Fat Analysis Screening provides precise information on how your body processes calories, fats, and carbohydrates during aerobic exercise training. A fitness profile is also obtained and an individual aerobic profile is determined to more accurately prescribe aerobic training intensities. Combined with the results from the RMR testing above, a more precise nutritional requirement for each individual can be determined.

Body Measurements and Body Composition

Completing body measurements is an objective way of tracking body composition changes over time. By selectively measuring and comparing selected body portions, changes in these measurements can provide invaluable information regarding the status of your current training and nutritional regime.

Nutritional Analysis

Dietary understanding is one of the most important aspects to address for current and sustainable weight loss/management. By completing a thorough individual diet analysis, a more comprehensive dietary system can be implemented to assist clients in obtaining their weight management goals.


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