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1. Mentor Coaching Services

The Peak Centre for Human Performance is deeply rooted in the hockey world, with ties that range from the Junior level, OHL, NCAA, and all the way to the NHL. Our team of professionals is more than willing to help the coaching community by providing mentor coaching services, or any other service required to help facilitate the coaching process of a team/individual. We have members in our team who are specialized in coaching at all levels, exercise physiology and strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition, and many other facets important to the development of a team or an individual athlete.

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2. Genetic Testing

As a proud partner of GeneBlueprint, we are able to provide our clients with an extremely comprehensive genetic testing kit that allows them to tap into their full potential with a simple oral swab. 

GeneBlueprint patented gene prediction scores are proven to be a minimum of 14x more predictive than the other genetic prediction scores. Their solid gene scores are the foundation of their personalized health and wellness programs. With the results from this genetic test, you will have an accurate representation of your fitness profile (i.e. which type of training does your body respond to, which type of resistance training, what method of cardio, etc.), a never-before-seen nutrition blueprint with ideal macronutrient ratios for optimal results, and other information pertaining to food sensitivities. 

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3. Altitude Training

Want the benefits of training at altitude in the comfort of your own home?... We have just what you need!

Here at the Peak Centre for Human Performance, we have our own Altitude Machines, used to simulate the oxygen concentration in the air all the way up to the top of Mount Everest! By fluctuating the flow of oxygen from the machine, or simply increasing the elevation, you can personally train your body to become more efficient in less oxygenated environments, which enhances performance drastically when oxygen concentrations in the air are normal.

Several benefits associated with altitude training:

  • Increased lung capacity;
  • Increased hemoglobin mass and red blood cell volume;
  • Increased muscular efficiency at extracting oxygen from the blood.

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